Last Thursday the parish church of the Immaculate Conception passed its inspection for reopening. People will be able to visit the church for private prayer as from this coming Friday 26th June from 11am to 12 noon and from then, on every Friday, Sunday and Monday 11am to 12 noon provided we have the stewards present. The times of opening are under review and I am very happy to add on new times during the day and on other days provided we have the volunteers willing to be present in the church while it is open. The task is not onerous, it is to help people feel welcomed, guide them in keeping safe in the building and to pass on to me any enquiries for my attention.

Training of stewards has begun, the next one as I write this article will be this afternoon (Sunday 21st) at 2pm at the Immaculate Conception and again next Saturday at 2pm (a new addition) and then at St Gerard’s on Sunday 27th also at 2pm. All you have to do is attend any one of these training courses and you are ready to help. So far nine people have attended and according to my records there is another twenty two people to go. I must emphasis that to have more volunteers is a good thing because this helps to spread the responsibilities across the community. To help stewards to be in contact with the parishes a special stewards app has been set up so that the rota can be maintained and support given to one another. The app will be introduced to volunteers during their training. The rota itself will be appearing shortly on the parish website for volunteers to see and offer their support.

I am planning for St Gerard’s to have its inspection as soon as possible and to open for private prayer on the 1st July from 11 am to 12 noon and then on every Wednesday Saturday and Sunday.

Fortunately because we are using on all surfaces a sanitiser called Zoono which has a life expectancy of up to 30 days our cleaning procedure in both churches will be every two weeks.

If you have any further questions or details on volunteering please let me know by texting 07484111906 phone 01709 363753 or email me on desmond.57

God Bless, Fr. Desmond.