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When we start to come out of lock down……..

When we start to come out of lock down…..whenever that will be, we will not all fit into our churches, if the two meter restrictions remain in place. In fact, there could be room for only 36 people in St Bede’s and for 48 people at the Immaculate Conception. Since those in the same households could sit together that number might be slightly higher, but it will still not be enough to allow normal Sunday worship.

So the tentative plan is this: Mass will be celebrated on weekdays in the parish churches and then on weekends mass will be celebrated in St Bernard’s sports hall. In the past we have had congregations of almost 800 people in the hall but with the two meter restrictions that capacity comes down to 100. An indication of the challenge we face. The weekend masses in the hall would be 6pm on Sat evening, 8-00, 9-30 and 11-00am on Sunday morning and 4-00pm Sunday evening.

People would be asked to let us know if they are attending and when as we cannot allow more people in the sports hall than places available. We also hope that one of these masses will be live streamed.

These arrangements would apply to the parishes of St Bede’s, Immaculate Conception, St Gerard’s and Blessed Trinity with Frs. Desmond and John working together. Other arrangements are being discussed for the other parishes in the deanery.

Your feedback on these proposals would be valued so please contact Fr. John or Fr. Desmond with your thoughts. We accept that the proposal is not ideal but living with social distancing is going to be with us for some time. We do need to move forward with the lives of our parish communities and to do so keeping people as safe as possible. So let’s work together with generous hearts and be open to the Holy Spirit. Amen.